Monday, May 21, 2018

Visit to Alden Nursery

We are planning to landscape in our front yard, but we are really confused which plant to buy for the garden. We have been tried to gather knowledge from Internet, but it was a difficult job.

Few days back Mr. Man have come to know about one nursery. Though the nursery is not exactly near our home, but we can manage to go there and buy plants. 

So, last Friday  Mr. Man took me there. To me, it was another busy Friday, but I could manage to squeeze out some time to visit there. I was completely blown away by the collection of plants in the nursery. We decided to take walk through the whole area. However, we reached nowhere. Moreover , I didn’t want to buy any plants, as we are going to landscape in August. Mr. Man didn’t want to ask with anyone. Lastly I talked with one lady, and she was amazing. She showed me all the plants which I can use for landscaping. I just told her my requirement. And, my requirement was in very broad range.


I told her the how I want to decorate my garden. She showed me all the pants one by one which I can use, and within no time I managed to narrow down my list of plants.
She gave me some tips, how to test the drainage capacity of the native soil. She told me to dig a one foot deep whole, and pour water into it. If the whole becomes empty within an hour then the drainage is good of the native soil. I also want to plant want Clematis   in my garden, I love the flower, the flower is absolute gorgeous. She told me that, the root of the plant should be kept always cool. 

Anyway, I usually love gardening. I love to visit the nurseries, but this nursery gave me all I want for my garden. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Five on Friday

Morning was really relaxed. In the early morning father-son went jogging. The house was empty. I had lots of leftover in the fridge, so I didn't have to cook anything. I decided to finish all the household chores before dropping kiddo off to school. I felt so relaxed that I didn't have any jobs to finish. So, after volunteering in school I went for a long walk. The weather was cloudy yet not cold, and was very pleasant.

I had not much job to do today. Today I took a long walk in the morning.

Today's dinner, broccoli-chedder bake

Again today I managed to do all the chores before going to school. I had no volunteer job today. So I decided to clean my car after my routine walk in the morning. But I made the mistake. I shouldn't walk in the morning.  Cleaning car is heavily laborious job. I started cleaning at 11 in the morning, at it took two full hours to finish. I didn't clean my car since last year. It was not in a good shape. On the top of that few days back bird dropped on the car, making polka dotted design on it. So, it was a high time to clean. Moreover, when children sit in the car, it can never stay cleaned. So, cleaning inside and outside consumed all my energy. When I went to pick him from school, I almost couldn't move myself.

Date-dry fruit bread, baked on Monday

Today I had a plan to clean my pool. So, I didn't walk in the morning to keep my energy. That was a  wise decision, as I didn't felt totally worn out in the evening.

Chicken-dumpling soup, today's dinner

Friday:It was as usual a busy day. At least I didn't have volunteer job, and Mr. Man dropped kiddo off to school. So I got the entire morning to do all my chores. Then in the afternoon Mr. Man took me to beautiful nursery. It was little far from our home, but it was worth it visit there. They helped a lot to choose the pants, and I got few tips which was going to help me in landscaping after few months.

I saw on the trail Monday morning while walking.. It was big, almost four inches long. I've never seen such long centipede. I don't know why it gave a chill on the spine. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

A busy Sunday, and a Birthday

It was a busy crazy weekend ever. Saturday was busy as kiddo had swimming in the morning, then he had a birthday party in the afternoon. Then I had a piles of jobs to be finished in the evening. Actually , Sunday was Mr. Man’s birthday. As it was Sunday I decided to celebrate in our traditional way. In weekdays it is not possible to celebrate in an elaborate way other a small cake cutting, and a dinner. 

Two handmade cards, one from me, another from kiddo

No, I didn’t give a party. Actually both of us love to celebrate the birthdays, specially his and mine strictly within family. We only give party for our son, as he is still little and loves to celebrate with his friends. 
Anyway, when I’m talking about traditional way, before telling you what I did, I want to explain a little about it. In any family occasion like birthdays, the lunch is a very important affair. We usually cook five kind fried vegetable, lentil soup, one vegetable curry, chicken/goat meat/fish (at least one non vegetarian item, we usually prefer fish and goat meat), one sweet pickle , and numerous sweet dishes. This is the type of lunch is served not only on birthdays, but also on bridal shower, when a newborn  first time eats rice, and many more.  Though I’m telling it bridal shower , but same occasion takes place on the bridegroom’s side. Actually, it is called as the last lunch as a bachelor.

Breakfast with stuffed fried Indian bread (Luchi), Potato Curry (Dum-Aloo), pudding, a typical breakfast of any celebration.

In the celebration of first time rice eating of the newborn (around the age of 6 months) we arrange the same way for the newborn which I’ve mentioned already. But it is ridiculous, that a newborn will eat that much. So, the tradition is all the food is touched on the lips of the little one, and then mom’s brother will eat all delicious food. If the mom has more than one brothers, then either the oldest, or the youngest will eat. Isn’t that funny? It is really a fun event indeed, just like the bridal shower. To us all those celebrations are fun event.

Before the British came to India, we had a very different way to eat. At that time people sat on the ground on small individual carpets, call “aason", made out of burlap, and kept the dish before them on the ground. The tradition was that the male members of the family ate first, then the female members of the family would eat. Not a good tradition huh? Those nicely embroidered small carpets were made by the female members of the family, and that was a way to flaunt their embroidery  skills. Actually, India is very diverse country, every region has their own tradition, and it is the tradition of Bengal. When I’m talking about tradition, one more thing I should to mention. Our traditional crockeries are made out of brass. In old days people used to eat and drink in brass utensils. Then we have changed to steel utensils. Currently people eat in either steel or porcelains, and brass utensils are used for all these auspicious occasions.
Here, I don’t have any brass utensils, so I used porcelain, and bone-china. 


Anyway, for Sunday celebration, I started preparing Saturday evening. I cut all the vegetables. I prepared the prawns, marinated the chickens. I started cooking since morning on Sunday. Within 12 in the afternoon I finished all cooking including dinner, and the cake. Suddenly, Mr. Man decided to go to a movie. And the show was 2:30 in the afternoon. So, I had a very little time in my hand. Still, I managed to do all the tradition I wanted to do. With fried five different types of vegetables, one of his favorite vegetable dish, prawn curry, chicken curry, sweet pickle, I arranged the plate and the bowls, and let him sit on a traditional small carpet. That small carpet is very dear to me, as it was made by my mom, when she was a young lady. I think the carpet is more than 50 years old. Though that worn out , and became very fragile, but I want to keep it. May be in future I’ll frame it. 

"Aason", small carpet, made by mom years ago

Anyway, we managed to reach the movie on time. After coming back he cut the homemade chocolate cake. We finished the dinner with his favorite mutton-biryani. 

Mutton biryani

Friday, May 11, 2018

Five on Friday

Tomorrow is Teacher’s Appreciation Day. I had tons of things to do. I spent the whole weekend reading book. The mystery books always keep me on hold. I cannot do other things until I finish the book. I made the mistake when I started reading “Hickory Dickory Dock” of Agatha Christie Friday night.  When I finished the book Sunday evening then I remembered about the jobs I had to finish. Anyway, after dropping kiddo at school today, I rushed back home, and first job was to clean and mop the garage, as it was going to be my workstation for rest of the day. First I sat to make a decorative box, from cardboard box. It took almost entire morning. My next job was to make Teacher Appreciation door decor.  I didn’t have much supplies to do that, so I decide to write a beautiful quote on the paper, and that took me forever. In the meantime I went to school to pick him. Then after coming back again I sat down again with the decor. At last around 6:30 in the evening I finished everything, and went to school to put the decor on the door. I had been sitting in the garage since morning, still I felt so exhausted in the evening.

Again in the morning I was on rush. I was supposed to bake a cake for the teacher. I realized that would take whole lot of time in the morning, and I had not that much time in hand. Before packing the cake , it should cool down. So, I decide to bake muffin, which would take much less time to be baked. So, the morning was for to make breakfast for the family, make lunch and pack for Mr. Man, and son, bake muffins for teacher, pack the gift for her. I finished everything within eight. Then after coming back from school, I cleaned the entire house, which was on big mess, as I didn’t clean since Friday.

The gift box and card, both are made by me

Today I got a time to have a little rest. I had not much things to do. I took a long walk today. Long walk in the morning always makes me happy.

Trail side wildflowers 

It was another busy day. After all cooking, exercising, and walking in the morning I went to several stores. Lastly went to mall before picking my son from school. After buying one gift card for an upcoming birthday invitation, I stroll around the mall trying to remember what else I need to buy. Then I thought  spending less money would be wise. So, I went to school. Kiddo wanted to go to library, as he wanted to rent “Peanuts” collection. He is huge fan of “Peanuts” . Even he is trying to play the “Peanuts” theme song in violin. Then after coning back I remembered  I wanted to go to “Bath and Body Works” in the mall, as I had some coupons.

Bakyard harvest, broccoli, kale, peas, spinach, and chard

Till date I didn’t get a relaxing Friday. My Fridays are always super busy. Today was no exception. I finished half of my chores before dropping my son to school before eight. Fridays he has to go early for the Run Club. I took along walk. From walk again I went back to school to volunteer. Then I finished rest of the chores. After lunch went to Costco shopping. After picking him from school, putting away all grocery haul, baking bread, at last I got time to sit in the late evening. Phew!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Handmade boxes

I was just seeing the old photograph, and trying to sort out which pictures actually I already published. I saw crafts I made , but never shared the pictures with you. Here I'm sharing few of the boxes I made in past. Hope you'll enjoy those. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

five on Friday

Went to walk in the morning. It was great walk. After I got a big blister last week, this week I able to resume my walking. I alway love this walking, this gives me immense inner satisfaction. If I don't walk in the morning , through out the whole day I feel missing something. However, after coming back home, I made a pretty big list of jobs, but didn't do any of them.

On the trail to rest

Tuesday:It was really gloomy and cold in the morning, so I decided not to go in the morning. Instead of that, I finished all the pending jobs of yesterday.

Beautiful dogwood in the neighborhood

Wednesday:From today I've started working out early in the morning, and that was great success. I really felt satisfied. Today my son had the last breakfast book club of the school year. So I didn't have the headache of making breakfast in the morning. I asked Mr. Man to have cereal, and I totally forgot to make lunch both of them. First, I remembered my son's lunch. He was rather happy, that he could buy lunch from school. Then, when I was about to start for school,I remembered I didn't make lunch for Mr. Man also. He also decided to have lunch out. After the book club I went walking , totally forgetting one important package about to come home. Mr. Man messaged me, but I didn't check my phone in time. I was walking on the trail, and I got call from him that the guy returned back as none was at home. In the evening poor Mr. Man went to the FedEx office to collect the box.

The creek is looking very beautiful, which is actually not *smile*

Turseday:Today I did remember everything. As finished all the listed jobs.

Friday:Today was super busy tiring day. I have to finish all the cooking, and entire house cleaning with 10 in the morning. Then Mr. Man and I went to the city for some work. After coming back I baked cookies, and bread. Kiddo had been asking me to bake cookies, and bread for a long time. When I put the yeast in warm milk to activate I found that I have to go to pick kiddo from school. However, I had no option but to knead the dough then. So, I messaged my sweet friend to keep an eye on him while he would play in the park with his friends after school. The day didn't finish there. Then kiddo had swimming class. After his swimming we went grocery shopping. Then more chores were waiting at home.After  coming back I had no energy to do the all the chores. I went to bed half asleep.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tea Cup Exchange

I cannot explain how much I'm happy. Last Friday I reluctantly opened the front door to check the mail, and I saw a package was waiting at the doorstep. I just couldn't believe myself, that I received a beautiful package from a blogger friend Roseann. No,I didn't know her before. You are thinking how can I get package full of goodies from an unknown person? Let me explain you. Our sweet friend Stephanie organized a beautiful event, "Tea cup exchange" This was the twelfth "Tea cup exchange", and this was the first time I participated in the event. She asked me to send packet to sweet Emily, and in returnI got packet from sweet Roseann of by this way I obtained two new friends.First of all I want to give a big thank you to sweet Stephanie,for her I get two sweet new friend Emily, and Roseann.

All those beautiful stuff was sent by Roseann. Can you see the "K" on the cup?
I've already selected was wall, where "Family" is going to hung. I'm going to create a little craft nook for me, where I'll put the decorated clips with pictures.

Wow!! So many tea bags!!

Roseann sent a package full of beautiful goodies, and Emily sent me a super beautiful thank you card, and packet of tea. 

The card is perfect for the event. Can see the super cute box?

I'm filling over the moon now, and I'm sharing all the beautiful gifts with you.  
This beautiful gift I received from Emily. They are so beautiful.