Monday, September 18, 2017

Chicken in bell pepper gravy

The weather has stared getting cooler, the sun shine has started getting softer, that means falls  is coming. I’m eager to decorate my home with pumpkins, maple leaves, cornucopia, scarecrows, and many more. But, alas! Still now the end of remodeling  job is far away. My rest of the house is a dumping ground now. So, I cannot even imagine to decorate. Not only my house, my garden is also is in a ramshackle condition. In that garden few sunflower was striving hard to  bloom. Until Friday there had been blooming, but Saturday morning I found them in very bad shape, some were broken, some were bended. I couldn’t find the cause of their sorry state. Suddenly, Saturday evening Mr. Man discovered that, little squirrels were climbing the sunflower plants, tearing the flowers, taking them down, and eating the seeds. My poor sunflower plants! No more love for those rodents! Nope!  
Anyway, my whining is over, now is the time for smile, with a healthy and delicious chicken recipe. *smile*

One pound boneless skinless chicken breast
One big green bell pepper
One big tomato
One very small onion
Four cloves of garlic
One tsp. lemon juice
One cup fresh basil leaves
Pepper powder to taste
Salt to taste
One inch cinnamon stick
Two carrots
A bunch of green beans
Four-five mushroom
Two tbsp. of oil

Wash the chicken breast. Pat dry with kitchen towel. Cut into small cubes. Marinate with lime juice, freshly ground pepper, and salt. 
Peeled the garlic cloves. Cut the tomato into big chunk. Cut the onion into big chunk. Cut the bell pepper into halves, and deseed . Cut the halves into big chunk. Cut the tomato into big chunk. Peel the carrot, cut into thin round slices. Cut the bean. Cut the mushroom into thin slices. Heat one table spoon oil in a pan in high. Fry, onion, bell pepper, garlic, and tomato for few minutes, stirring continuously. Then, transfer it into mixer. Make a fine paste, and set aside. In a heavy bottomed wok, heat two tablespoon of oil. Add the cinnamon stick. When fine aroma starts coming, add all the vegetables. Slightly sauté, and add the chicken piece. Mix well, and let it cook, covering the wok, about ten minutes. Add the spice mixture , mix well and let it cook, covering the wok, stirring occasionally. Add two cups of water, bring into boil. Cook until chicken in tender. Serve hot with steaming rice. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

My love for candle

Two weeks back, the weather crazily hot. On the top of the air condition machine was disconnected due to the remodeling works, (still it is disconnected, at the time writing this post). To get rid of the heat, we went to the local mall. I din’t have anything to buy. We bought iced coffee and sat back on a cozy couch in the mall. However, going to a mall, and coming back in empty hand is little bit wired , correct? Although, I do that often, rather I go to the mall very rare. On the top of that, Bath and Body Works was giving a crazy sale on candles. I love the sweet aromas of the candle, and also the coziness. After buying candles from various shops now I always buy candles from this very store.

While passing in front of the store, I noticed about the sale. Though I had been hesitating first,but, Mr. Man encouraged me to but. So, I just couldn’t resist myself, and I came out with six candles. 

I always buy very specific scented candle. I don’t like aroma of pumpkin spice, or vanilla cupcake, rather I don’t like the smell of the food items. So, I always face a little difficulty in buying candles. 

Here is the candles I bought on that day, and hopefully I will last more that one year. Though, I know I will definitely buy more candles in the mean time.  

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Visit to Indian National Museum, Kolkata

While visiting India I took my son to Indian Museum in Kolkata as I promised him earlier this year. He loves to visit any kind of museum, except fine arts museum. 

Entrance of Indian Museum

Court yard of the Museum

Anyway, Indian Museum of Kolkata is a museum  of miscellaneous exhibits with a great history behind itself. Believe me, it is not a matter of a day’s visit. If you really want to know all the exhibits which are kept there, you need to visit everyday for months. So, truly speaking past few months I’m just struggling with the content of this post. Lastly I decided to just write down my experience there on two hours of visit.


The museum was founded way back in 1814-yes-in 1814 by Asiatic society of Bengal, Kolkata. The founder curator was Nathaniel Wallich, a Danish botanist. There are more than 30 galleries, though we didn’t visit all of them. From starting from fossils to fabrics, all those various kinds of ancient exhibits can excite any museum lover.  I started seeing all the exhibits very carefully, and tried to read all the boards, and signs there. Lastly, my head really started spinning. I realized I should stop  doing that. 

Most probably the picture is from Textile gallery. The original dresses used by many Kings, Nizams are kept in the Museum.

First we went to Siwalik gallery which consists of fossils . I really don’t know from where the name Siwalik came. First I thought all the fossils came from the Shivalik range of Mount Himalaya. However, I didn’t get any concrete answer anywhere, and I  don’t know any person who can put a light on my questions. Anyway, there we saw a part of a mammoth, and even saw dinosaur femur. 
My son was very interested in the Siwalik Gallery. 

Buddhist Shrine Built out of wood, set with colored glasses (Myanmar)

Replica of Salin Monastery Gateway, Mandalay, Myanmar 

Next we went to the Art section. Then my son lost all his interest in the museum. On contrary to that, my interest grew there. India is very diverse country. Through out the centuries, starting from ancient time India was invaded by many countries. The Shakas, the Huns, The Mughals invaded the country, and left  significant traces in the culture. Every periods had their own art and cultures. In the art section we could see Mughal paintings, Bengal Painting, and relatively modern paintings. Every era had their own distinctive way of painting which you can distinguish if you see the paintings carefully.

Palace Front of a Rajput chief

Idol of Nataraj-Shiva, one of the Hindu God

As I told you, different parts of India , ruled by different dynasties in different time.  From second century AD to twelfth century AD the country was ruled by to Kushana, Gupta, Pala-Sena, Chandella, Hoyasala, Chola, and Pallava on different parts. The Bronze gallery is dedicated to the sculptures  of those times which were discovered from different parts. 
I really got overwhelmed when I visited the coin gallery, anthropological gallery. It was next to impossible job to see all the exhibits.

Pasha- Ancient Board Game- Most probably Indian for of Chess(I may be wrong.)
Original weapons, used in different war

Hand fan

The Egyptian gallery is rather small. Mainly all the exhibits are sketches and paintings and models to show how was the day to day life was in ancient Egypt. The most important thing of this very gallery is the original mummy. Unfortunately I cannot show you any picture of the mummy, as photography is strictly prohibited to prevent the deterioration of the mummy. 
Another ancient painting, most probably on a wooden door

I’ve already told you it is not possible to visit all the galleries on one day. Though, we visited few more galleries, but I completely forgot about them. 

While leaving the museum, I went to the last Gallery, the Bharhut Gallery. In the gallery all the plated discovered from the Bharhut stupas are kept there. I found out a little details about this very gallery, I will share that in another post. 

N.B. I cannot share picture from the Siwalik Gallery, another many others, as the quality of the pictures are not good.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Five on Friday


 Today was the last day of the long weekend. After a unbearable hot week, we at last got a comparatively cooler Monday. We were extremely tired of heat, so we rested almost the whole entire day. 


Since my friend C resumed work we hadn’t chatted. Few days back I ran into her , and she told me the we should sit for a chat. Today she messaged in the morning, whether I could to her place and chat. So, I went her home before picking  my son from school, and we chatted more that an hour, and which made us feeling happy.


I had so many small jobs to be finished. I finished most of them, but I yet to make my own planner. I know could buy the planner from the market, but I don’t want to spend much money on a planner. However, I yet to make a good planner. When I would be satisfied , I would share my handmade planner with all of you  in my blog.


The weather was very pleasant today. Morning it was little bit cloudy and the nice crisp air told that fall is on the way. Anyway, as the weather was nice, and kiddie went to school early, I decided to jog in the morning, instead of walking. Today at least I was little better at running, though I couldn’t run a lot. 

It was another very busy friday. My fridays are always busy. From cooking , cleaning, doing laundry , I don’t know I always do a lot of work on Fridays. Though library due date is tomorrow, I decided to return the books, and DVDs today. Saturday, kiddie has festival at school in the morning, I might end not finding time to return the books. I rented a book, which I couldn’t finished, still I decide to return it. However, after volunteering in school, I had mrs than one hour in my hand before picking up my son. So, I decided to go to library, finish the book, and return. I was not feeling to rerun the unfinished book, but when I could finish it sitting in the library I felt very happy. 

N.B. : These are old craft I did long time back, and found out this time while visiting my parental home in India.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Experience of a unbearably hot weekend

I’ve never experienced such hot week in California ever. Even temperature in San Francisco recorded 91. It has all started from beginning of the week. Monday was very hot and was unbearable. Tuesday was ok. From Wednesday it started soaring up. Friday evening, we went to the mall to cool off. We took some cold coffee from Starbucks and slouched back on a couch inside the mall. I bought a pretty good amount of candles from Bath and Body Works. This is the side effect of going to mall. *smile*

On Saturday we decided to spend most of the time in Bernes and Nobles. So, after having lunch we almost ran to the book store, when sun was blazing with110 F. I think many people, like us wanted to take the advantage of the cool air of the store. So, getting a table was difficult. Somehow we managed to sit at a small table with high chairs. I found the book, “Magnolia Home”, which I wanted to read. I desperately tried to finish the book while sitting there. However, I was unable to do that, when other family members wanted to go back home. When we left the store it was still 105 outside. 

Sat with all those books.. :)

Our home thermometer showed the inside temperature 95 at 8 o’clock in the evening. Sunday was also hot, but slightly cooler than previous day. I felt extremely tired to outside. We spend the entire afternoon watching some documentaries about England. My son, wanted to go to the pool since morning. I tried in vein to make him understand that it would make us severely tan in the afternoon sun. Anyway we went to the pool after 6 o’clock.  Then we wanted to go grocery shopping, but as soon a,s my come out from the pool, he started sneezing. So, we abandoned the idea of going shopping. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Five on Friday


Today was extremely hot. I kept my car on the driveway as the garage was packed with the things from the bedrooms and bathrooms, due to the remodeling work. The temperature soared up. I had no option to cool down my house, as the AC was disconnected for the work. When I went to the car in the afternoon car temperature was 119. This heat made very, very tired. I could not do much of my works.

Oranges are goring in the backyard


Today was much cooler.  I could able to run a little longer than yesterday. I’m not getting stamina  back to run. I’m worried whether I will be able to run 5k on 1st October.

Morning glories are thriving 


The weather was not bad. I tried to practice my running, but for some unknown reason I couldn’t get energy to run. Whenever I started running I just ran out of breath.
Thursday: Today my son had chorus practice at school, before the starting of school. So, Mr. Man dropped him in school, while going to office. I had much time in my hand. I thought of finishing all chores before going for walk. In the meantime I was already 10:00, and temperature  started soaring. So, instead of running, I just took a long walk. The weather was extremely dry, and hot . On the top of  that due to wild fire the air was full of ash, and it was very hazy. Form last update of news the firefighter were fighting to control the fire. Though the fire not near our town, still we got the effect of that.

Work in progress


 Though it was much cooler in the morning, but it was one of  the hottest day of the season at the end of the evening. It was predicted that, temperature would as high as 112 F. Due to the heat wave, all the district stopped all the outdoor activities of the children. Only my son’s swim lesson wasn’t close it the evening. Though the wild fire is not near our town, still we are getting the effect from yesterday. Today morning first thing I did to run the washer before it got extremely hot. To get rid of the heat went to the mall, stroll there until eight thirty at night, then we came back home.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Five one Friday

Since I went to India, I didn’t contribute on “Five on Friday” which I used to enjoy a lot to do. After I came back from India , every Friday morning I decided to write down the tidbit of the five days, but  always I ended up not doing that. So, today I’ve decided to write down the all the mundane of this week.

As soon as I decided to write down about the week, I forgot what I did on Monday. I think I didn’t do much things on Monday. However, one important things is that , again I started my workout, after almost 4 months gap. I’m planning to participate in 5K marathon in first week of October. So, I have only one month to prepare myself.

I felt extremely tired in the evening despite doing almost nothing since morning. The only thing I did, doing some cross stitch pattern.

As I already told you, we are remodeling our house. Since the beginning we are getting many obstacles. The latest setback came today morning. The city inspector came to see the work. He told that we should take another foot back from the fence of the new part. However, city office already approved the blue print, and they were working according to that. In the evening I came to know about that. It extremely pissed me off. Anyway, our contractor later talked with the city office, and sort out the problem. 

As our contractor sorted out everything on Wednesday, today they could do the foundation job. Hopefully everything would be fine. 

It was a real busy day. Form cooking, cleaning, doing four loads of laundry, going to bank I was as tired as a dog in the evening. My last job was to take kiddie to swimming class.