Monday, December 11, 2017

Bull Chasing

This post is little different. This time I'm posting a story written by my 9 years old son. Please read it.


“Cairo, follow me” Dell whispered. ”Why should I, because you found a mermaid in your backyard like it was last month or you found a piece of gold in your back yard like it was last time. The gold was really a piece of paper” Cairo said in an angry voice. ”No, just follow me” Dell replied.They walked through the dry land and through the town until they came to a fenced area. ”Over here” Dell said. All of a sudden Cairo tripped over a rock and fell in the fenced area.”What are you doing” Dell asked anxiously. ”I don’t know but there’s one thing I do know, look!” Cairo screamed. Dell looked up.There was a bull running right towards them. ”Run!”Dell screamed ”And what I mean is you run” Dell said. Cairo ran as fast as he could. The bull was making a cloud of dust behind it. Cairo was running faster than a Roadrunner. The bull all most got him a little with his sharp horns.“Yoww!” Cairo yelped. He ran towards the gate. When he reached the gate he opened it and headed for town. “Hang on” Dell yelled as he ran for the bull. Now Cairo and Dell were being chased by what turned out to be a bull. As they entered town a few town folks were also being chased by the bull. “Hey, I have an idea,head for the church, it’s red” Dell suggested. “Sure, anything to stop the bull from chasing us” Cairo said. Finally they reach the church. “On three we jump to the side” Dell said tiredly. “One Two  Three!” the Dell screamed. The two jumped aside. The bull crashed into the church just as planned. “High five” the two yelled. The church was rebuilt in 3 days. After a few days a knock came on Cairo’s door. Cairo opened the door and guess who was there? Dell. “Follow me” Dell said. “oh boy, here we go again” Cairo said. And so they went.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Five on Friday

I couldn't even imagine we are already in December, and the year is going to end so soon. I really don’t know what I did through out the year. On the top of that, remodeling is resisting me to do many things. Once the worker leave the house I can do my chores.
However, today I cooked in the morning, so that I didn’t need to cook  at least for three days.

As usual I did nothing since morning. I could read books which I rented from the library, but I ended up not doing.

The started with a bad note. Everything thing was fine. I took my son to the breakfast book club in school. After volunteering there I decided to come back home before going out with my friend. While crossing the road in front of the school, I couldn’t understand how I fell down. I fell down so hard, that I got three bad cuts on my left palm. Somehow I managed to drive back home. Then I washed my hand with soap and water. However, the little finger had been hurting. I put some ice pack, then I felt a little good. Then my friend came my home and picked me up. Together we went to mall. We had a very good times together. We had plenty of time in hand to walk around the mall, doing window shopping and as well as real shopping. We sat down a had good time with a cup of coffee. Everything was good until I came back home. After coming home I saw that three guys were working inside my home. The one of main switches was off, so the stove stopped working. The painting guy took off the bathroom door to color it. Altogether the situation was a hot mess, but I had no other option , but to wait. The painting asked me whether he would put up the door temporarily, but that was going to delay more, so I asked him to finish the work first. I’m just waiting for the end of this ordeal.

Today I woke up with a swelled pinky in my left hand. I realized something went wrong yesterday. Mr. Man also told me to take and orthopedic appointment. I got the appointment exactly at the of dismissal of school. Anyway, I arranged with Mr. Man, and went to doctor. Through x-ray doctor found out I go two hair line crack in my pinky. He gave a brace to wear for three weeks.

Today was real busy day. I woke up at 4:45 in the morning. Since then I didn’t sit. I had been running errand. In the after putting away all the Costco haul I got time to sit in the late evening.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Chicken and dumpling soup

On Thanksgiving Day I was thinking of cooking something special, but nothing was coming in my mind. I usually watch the cooking videos on Youtube. From there I got a recipe of chicken and dumpling soup. From the recipe I found that, almost all the ingredients were available in my kitchen. I decided not to use few of the ingredients like heavy cream, or cheese, just to make the soup a little light. That recipes are extremely delicious. Here I’m sharing my version of chicken and dumpling soup.

One pound of boneless skinless chicken thigh
One medium sized onion
Two celery sticks
Two carrots
One cup grated carrot
Half cup white wine
Three tsp. dry oregano
Tree tsp. dry thyme
Two tsp. garlic powder
One tbsp. and half cup all purpose flour
Half tsp. of baking soda
Salt and papper to taste
Two tbsp. of butter (you can use oil)
Chicken stalk (store bought or home made, I usually make my at home)
One cup of milk

Cut and wash the chicken thigh into small pieces. 

Take the  pieces in a big bowl. 

Add salt, pepper, and one tbsp of flour. 

Mix everything well. 

Cut onion, celery, and carrot into small pieces.

In a big pot heat butter in medium. Fry the chicken pieces, and keep them aside. 

In the same butter, add the all the veggies. 

Give a good stir. 

Cover the pot, and let it cook, about ten minutes.

Add all the chicken pieces, again mix everything.

Add oregano, thyme, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Mix well, and cook another about 10-15 minutes.

Add chicken stalk, and bring into boil. 

Meanwhile in a bowl take grated carrot, half cup flour, salt, and pepper, one tsp thyme, ones tsp oregano, and mix well.

Add water little by little to make batter kind of dough.

The batter should not be very thick, or thin like pancake batter.It should be in between, so that you can scoop out with an ice-cream scoop.

In the boiling soup, with the help of an ice-cream scoop, add dumplings and let in cook. 

When the chicken will be done , add milk.

Then decrease the heat,and add white wine.

Cook until the desired consistency reaches. The soup will be thick.  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kacha Thai Resturant

Every time I went to restaurant, I think of writing down my total experience, but every time  I ended up totally forgetting. After long time when I look back to those pictures, I can’t even remember where I tasted those food. So, this time I deiced to share with you my experience on a Thai restaurant.  Suddenly on sunday Mr. Man decided to go to restaurant for lunch. When we started from home,the weather was good. But, in the midway, all of a suddenly it started raining heavily. Anyway, that wasn’t the matter. The Thai restaurant name “Kacha” was in a mall. We parked our car in the parking lot, then lost the way to go. We went up and down few times, in the parking lot, then we went out on the road, then we abled to enter the restaurant from the front. After entering, I started wondering, how another family whom I saw had parking the after us reached before? Anyway, my son went with ‘Pad Thai’, he didn’t war to taste any other food item. I decide to go lunch platter. I forgot the name of the dish Mr. Man ordered. The food was good. The yellow curry in the platter was very tasty, and the cashew chicken was delicious.

Lunch platter

Pad Thai

Anyway, while leaving the restaurant, one waiter asked us whether we parked the in the parking lot. When we said yes, he show us a backdoor to go the parking lot. After coming out of the back door e found that we parking our just in front of the door. What a hilarious situation !!

Litchi mojito

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Five on Friday

My son had no school this entire week. I thought that I would have some rest this week. However, things went entirely wrong. The painting guy came in the morning to put prima on all the walls. The prima is a spray . Though he tried hard to cover, but the fine particles scattered all over the place in my  entire home. It was difficult to stay at home on that smell. On the top if that my son was not feeling well. At last unable to stay at home we both went to library. As he was not feeling well, he didn't even want to stay in the library. I told him that we had to stay in library until the guy left our home. Anyway, we came back around three. At least at that time he stopped spraying.

I brought all those book from library, do not how many I can finish. :)

Today my son felt worse than yesterday. So, I took a  quick doctor’s appointment and went there. Doctor told me that he caught stomach virus. He lost his appetite. Doctor assured me that he was going to be fine before thanksgiving. Anyway, today was much better that yesterday, as the painting guy finished with the spray on Monday. Today he used painting brush.

Today my son started feeling much better that before. I had so many jobs to be finished, that I couldn’t sit. The painting guy even told me, “Oh! you never stop!”*smile*

I wanted to bake pumpkin bread, but when I took out the pumpkin puree from fridge, I found that not i good condition. But I already mixed everything according to pumpkin bread's measurement. I took a risk, added the grated carrot, two large apple, and half cup buttermilk. The cake turned out delicious and moist. 

Today was Thanksgiving Day. I cooked all the morning. Mr. Man suggested going to the nearby mall, and we experienced the worst Black Friday madness. It took half an hour to enter the parking lot. I told him that it was better to take U turn rather to waste energy in searching a parking space. It was much better to go back home, and relax with a cup of coffee. In the evening we had a beautiful dinner with chicken-dumpling soup, pork chops, and chocolate-coffee cake.

I went to work early in the morning. I came back totally exhausted. Then in the evening we had a dinner invitation. That was good, as at least I didn’t have to cook.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ground Chicken Fried Rice and Happy Thanksgiving

I just can’t believe that Thanksgiving is round the corner! This is the time to give thanks to other, to recognize all the people, and things for which I thankful. First of all I want to give to thank to all my blogger friends .  Your encouragement keeps me going for all those years. Your lovely comments always make me happy, and inspire me to write more. I want to say sorry to all of you because, I rarely reply to your comment, but I always read them. Again I want to give thanks for those. Here I’m sharing one rice of fried rice. If you are not going to Thanksgiving dinner, or not hosting any, like me who are just spending a quiet time on Thanksgiving night, you can try this fried rice. *smile*

One pound ground chicken(or turkey)
One and half cups Basmati rice
One big potato/four-five small round potatoes
One fourth cup raisins
One fourth dried cranberry(optional)
One fourth cup dried cherry (optional)
One fourth cup cashew 

One fourth cup green peas

Three tbsp. sugar

Two green chili (optional)

One and half tsp. garam masala powder (or you can mix cinnamon powder, clove powder, green cardamom powder, or you can get it any Indian store)

One/Two bay leaves
Two/three cloves
Four/five green cardamom
One inch cinnamon stick
One medium sized onion
One tbsp. ginger paste
Two tsp. garlic paste
Pinch of turmeric powder
Salt to taste
Four tbsp. of oil (you can also use ghee)

Wash the rice, and soak in water for half an hour. 

In the mean time,thinly slice the onion.

Peel the potato. If you are using a big potato , then cut the potato into medium big chunk.

If you are using small potato just peel them. 

Take a heavy bottomed pan, heat two tablespoon of oil in medium. 

Add the potato. Add pinch of turmeric powder, and salt. 

Fry in medium heat until slightly brown. Take the potato out, keep aside. 

In the same pan, add another two table spoon oil. 

Add all the whole spices, and slightly stir. When the fine aroma start coming, add the onion. 

Stir it, and let it cook covering the pan. Stir the onion occasionally to prevent burn on the bottom. 

When the oil starts oozing out, add garlic and ginger paste. Mix well and  add the chicken, and stir constantly. 

When chicken starts making lumps, add the garam masala power, and mix well. 

Then add all the dry fruits,sugar, peas,and nut. Mix everything well. 

Add the rice on the top of the mixture. Add one cup of water. 

Lower the heat to medium low. 

Cover the pan, and let it cook until the total water gets absorbed. 

Watch in the mean time. 

If you need more water add little. Do not add a large amount of water. 

It will take fifteen to twenty minutes to cook. Serve hot. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Five on Friday

Hi all my lovely blogger friends,
All of you want to know about the remodeling task. Yes, it is still going on. Now they are working on the walls inside the house. Hopefully they will finish texturing this week. I just want to thank you all my friends. Yours encouraging words are really helping me to going through this tough situation. Hopefully everything will be done in the first week of December. Then I’ll decorate for Christmas. I’m eagerly waiting for that.  Here is the five days of the my week.

Since the weekend I was down with bad cold and fever. In the morning I was so weak that, I was feeling giddy while walking inside the house. Anyway, after dropping my son to school, I took a good rest , rather I slept on the couch for few hours , and then I felt good.

Today I’m feeling better, but I didn’t do anything. I was sitting on the couch since morning. I desperately wanted to do some crafting, but in this chaos, I couldn’t find anything. However, the floss,and the fabric was in the chest, so I decided to start one cross stitch. At least I could spend some time. 

Another day  passed without doing anything. Actually,I didn’t have outside work. In the home I couldn’t do anything. So, again I work on the cross stitch.

When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I heard the sound of rain. Yes, it had been raining the whole night. In the morning, the sky was overacted, and the nearby hills were completely covered with dense cloud. I had a long list of work in my mind.  However, after coming back from my physiotherapy session, I sank in the couch, with a mug of coffee,and lost interest of doing anything. I was literally on the couch before going to pick up son from school.

Today was just opposite of Thursday. I had work in the early morning. I left home in the dark. On the way back home I ran some errand. After coming home I finished cooking, and cleaning, then went to library. From there I went to school. Luckily I didn’t have folder duty in school, which I usually do on Fridays. Then in the evening my son wanted to go mall. So, again we went to mall. At the night, I didn’t have energy to drag myself to the bed.
Here I'm sharing some  pictures of our Satna Barabara trip three years back. Why I didn't write about our trip I don't know.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Five on Friday


As usual the Monday was very busy. Since morning one after another job was going on without any stopping. After dropping my son to school, I went to work. From there I came home, gulped down my lunch, and went to pick my son. As the remodeling is going on, I cannot do anything before five in the evening. After the workers went, I finished the household chores.


It early morning I went to do physic therapy. It was very cold in the morning. I kept my car outside, and it was covered with frost. I had to throw warm water on the windows to get rid of the frost. After that I stayed home almost all the day.  Though I was in home through out the day I didn't do anything. I was just sitting all day long. Actually, I had no option to do anything. I could read some books, but I didn't do that. I had been reading a book on Magna Carta, but the book is so intense, I cannot read three or four pages a day.


It was another busy day. Today morning I first I went to my son's school to volunteer in the Breakfast book club. From there I went to work. Then to do grocery shopping. After picking my son from school, came back home, and did the other works.


It was another busy day. I had physiotherapy session in the morning. Then went to work, then grocery shopping. In the evening all cooking, cleaning, and other household chores. It was so exhausting that I almost fell asleep before dinner.


My son had no school today. so, mother and son were in home all the day. However, staying in home was neither easy, nor pleasant, as the workers were working whole day.  

N.B. These are pictures of little fall decorations three years back. this year I'm hoping that I can decorate in Christmas. *smile*

Friday, November 3, 2017

Five on Friday


Today I did a lot of things, no rather a chain of jobs. Since morning I had been doing things one after another. After dropping my so in school I came back home just to dress up for work. Then I went to school to volunteer in the library. From there I went to work. As soon as I finished work, I rushed back to school to pick up my son early to take him to doctor. From school Mr. Man and I took him to orthopedic doctor for check up. Doctor to lad that his hand is doing well, and he need to keep the cast for another 2 weeks. My poor son!! Then we came back home. After coming back again I had to clean up area of the where we are now living now. Luckily I had some left over in the fridge, so, I didn’t need to cook.


Oh! This was a day!! Halloween, and remodeling, and other things just drove crazy. I wrote about it in detail here.mmm


Today my  son had no school. So, we were at home. The workers were working, and it was not an pleasant to stay. So, we decided to go to library. We sat in the library, and read there. At least, we could sit peacefully. Though my son didn’t want to sit. I told him that at least until 4 in the evening we had to stay in the library. From library I went to Costco. Today was the first time I felt tired on arranging the grocery hauls in the kitchen. It was taking for ever.


I had physiotherapy scheduled in the morning for my right knee. The therapist told me that I’m doing good. In the evening I had some jobs to finish. Otherwise the day was not so busy.


Last night it rained a little and all of sudden today it was cold since morning. When I took my son to school, the sun starred coming up. However, in the late morning the weather changed totally. The sky became wholly overcast, and chilled wind started blowing. At last we stared getting the fall weather. I was eagerly waiting for the cold weather, and the crisp air. Today was the perfect day to snuggle under blanket with a cinnamon bun and mug of hot coffee.  

N.B. I took those pictures in a span of a time while  morning walking.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween and Long, long day

Halloween is over for this year. It was a long, long day to me. It started in the early morning, and ended late night, but not in a happy note. You know remodeling is going on in my home. It is a totally madhouse now. The workers usually come early in the morning. Due to the shorter day,every day they arrive when it is still dark outside.

Pumpkin carved by Mr. Man

Anyway, this year my son’s school changed the schedule on Halloween Day. Instead of arranging the parade in the noon, they arranged it in the morning. I was little confusing to me, whether the children would go to school dressing up from home, or they would dress up after going to school. However, I figured out that , they would go to school dressing from home. My son didn't want to listen to me. He wanted to take the costume to school. I couldn’t make him understand, that it would be difficult for him to dress up with one hand in the school. It was a big fuss in the morning. Lastly he agreed with me , and put on his consume at home. In this fuss, as usual we became late. I wanted to go to school early to get a good parking spot, but we reached school so late, I had to park way far from the school.
Anyway, this year parade was fantastic, and unique. This is the first time all the teachers danced in “The Troll” costume. It was really a fun. After the parade, we had one hour in hand before the class party. I volunteered in the party. So, after coming back home I didn't do anything, but sipped a cup of coffee. After all the morning fuss I needed to relax a little. On the top of that, the workers were working, so I didn’t have chance to do any chores. Then again I went back to school to volunteer. That was a fun party. They had a competition in four groups in the class, for making mummy. One of the kids in each group volunteered to be the mummy, and the other wrapped him/her with toilet paper rolls to make the mummy. The most innovate mummy was going to win the game. My son’s team’s theme was “Party Mummy”. Ha ha ha, thinking of little minds.. huh?

Then after coming home, I decided to make something special for the dinner. Few days back I bought a little pumpkin to make my pumpkin puree at home. That took a whole lot of time. Though I didn’t cook much, only pumpkin soup, pumping bread, and pumpkin cookies. However, at the end I was so exhausted. Moreover, the worker were working, which made very uncomfortable to do all the cookings. 

Decorations on the front of a house in our neighborhood

In the mean time the  HVAC guy left to buy some parts, as some critical condition arrived. He went far to get that very parts, and caught in traffic . When he came back it was 6:30. In the mean time Trick or Treaters started coming . Mr. Man decided to stay back, and I took my son for Trick or Treating. The guy had been working for ever. When he  left it was 9:30. Then we had dinner. I had no energy to arrange anything on the table we just had a quiet dinner. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Chicken vegetable stir fry

Half pound boneless chicken breast

Two big florets of cauliflower

One small zucchini

One medium sized onion 

One small carrot

One bell pepper ( I used an orange one. You can use different colored bell pepper. The dish will look colorful)

half tsp cumin powder

one fourth tsp. coriander powder

One tbsp. wine vinegar

salt to taste

Freshly ground pepper

Two tbsp. of oil

Method: (serving size 3)

Cut the chicken into medium cubes. Cut carrot, zucchini, onion, bell pepper into cubes. Heat two tbsp. of oil in a deep frying pan in medium. Add chicken, onion,and carrot pieces into the pan. Stir well, and let it cook about ten minutes, covering the pan. Check time to time and stir it. Then add the cauliflower florets. Again stir it and let it cook ,covering the pan, about another 10 minutes or more. Take a small bowl, add cumin powder, coriander powder, and wine vinegar. Mix well. Add the mixture in the pan. Mix well, and let it cook. Add rest of the vegetables, salt, and pepper, mix well. Cook under medium-low heat covering the pan, until all the vegetables, and chicken are tender. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Five on Friday

First of all I want to thank all my lovely blogger friends for their wishes for speedy recovery of my son. Last week due all those happening I couldn’t post my week review. This week I decided post the review. The week was pretty hectic.

My son went to school after the mishap. I talked with his teacher, and she told that she would figure out something, as he broke his writing hand. Around one in the afternoon, I took him out from school to go to orthopedic doctor. I had some other appointment, so, I couldn’t go with him. I took him from school, and went to Mr. Man’s office. From there he took the kiddie to doctor. Then I rushed to my work. I came back home around 8 in the evening. My Mr. Man cooked the dinner for the day.

A lone Marvel Peru is striving in the garden.

The remodeling work is still going on. Yesterday they put the lath and the chicken wire , so, there was no space left for their easy access inside the remodeling part. From today, they have started using the space where we are currently living to go to the remodeling part. They started coming for work, before the sky becomes clear. 

Though it is middle school book, but it is good to read. The true story of few fateful families.

Today I had few jobs to do, so, I could left home, and came back after picking my son from school in the late afternoon. In the mean time Mr. Man came to meet the contractor to discuss the minute details to be done. After they left, I cleaned the floor, I cooked. When I finished everything I was tired as a dog. It was long day for me.

After a tiring day I could only cook sautéed veggies

In the morning I had been working on  few pending job . In the mean time my friend messaged me whether I could meet with her for a coffee. I also wanted to go somewhere to  get rid of all those banging and screeching sound. After taking a long walk, I went to meet her. We chatted over coffee, then both of went to pick our children from school. Then coming back home, again I cleaned up everything. On the top that, the access door from the house to the garage got locked. I couldn’t unlocked it. Lastly, I unscrewed the total lock system. Still one part of the lock was inside the hole,after much effort I was able to take that out. However, unfortunately, the lock broke, and we have to replace it. Anyway,the latch was not in good condition, it got locked few other times before, and every time I had to unscrew it.

This buttercup squash became so big and heavy it got ripped from the plant by itself

It was another never ending day. As usual before dawn break they came for work. Anyway, I had volunteer duty in the school. After I came back, as I promised to my son to bake a spinach bread, I prepared for that. While doing that, I made a huge mistake. I was reading the recipe, where it was clearly written, 3/4 tbsp. butter, but I had no idea why I put 3/4 cup butter. After putting the butter I realized that I made a disaster. Promptly I poured some amount of melter butter in another container. Then to avoid the disaster I added flour, yeast, salt, and sugar just by eyeballing.Then I rushed to physical therapy office from there I wen to pick my son from school.  After coming back I nervously opened the bowl, and saw the dough rose to double. Then I baked , and, and finally I sighed in relief. The bread was a success.Then cleaned, and mopped the floors, decked up a lot , and went to a birthday party. We came back from there around 10.

Spinach bread

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lettuce-turkey wrap

Before going on anything, first I want to give a big thanks to all my blogger friends for their wishes for my son’s speedy recovery. He is feeling a but well. I will share in details on my “Five on Friday”. Till then please enjoy a simple recipe, which is easy to make yet delicious and healthy.

One pound ground turkey

One medium sized onion

Few french bean

Green, orange,yellow, red bell peppers

One fourth cup dried cranberry

One fourth cup cried cherry

One fourth cup raisins

Few fresh basil leaves

One fourth cup wine vinegar

Salt and pepper

Two tbsp. of oil 

Six-seven leaves of romaine lettuce

Cut beans into small pieces.


Finely chop the onion.

Take one-fourth of each bell pepper, and cut into small pieces.

Heat oil in a pan in medium.

Add chopped onion, stir. Let it cook for five to six minutes. 

Add chopped beans, mix well, and cook for another few minutes, covering the pan.

Add all the bell pepper, and mix well. Let it cook, until all the vegetables are little tender.

Add ground turkey (or chicken), mix well with the vegetables.

Add salt and pepper, mix well, and let it cook covering the pan.

Stir time to time, and check the vegetables.When the vegetables are almost done, add chopped fresh basil leaves, and wine vinegar.

Cook until all the vegetables are tender, and the curry is totally dry.

Wash the lettuce leaves. Dry them with kitchen towel.

Arrange the leaves on a big plate.

Distribute the turkey on the lettuce leaves.

You can also eat the mixture with rice, or putting inside tortilla. However, it tastes more delicious on lettuce leaves.